wandering jew plant

Caring for your Wandering Jew plant ... being anything but a green thumb, this is my go to hanging basket plant, beautiful, hardy, and forgiving.

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wandering jew ... lovely hanging plant for lower light areas .. note: the male plants of this species are the bloomers...pretty little purple flowers

List of Low Maintenance Plants

Flowerbed Combination Ideas. This link gives tons of plant combos for sun vs. shade. Flower beds, containers, etc.

The top five plants for low maintenance gardens

"Purple Heart" plant. So easy to grow! Comes back year after year. You can easily divide this plant by pinching off a clipping where it forms a "V" and transplant in rich soil. Makes a beautiful border!

Setcreasea pallida, or Purple Heart, a native of Mexico, is named for the striking purple color of the plant in full sun. Drought tolerant. A wonderful choice for hot dry conditions. Makes an excellent ground cover and looks stunning when paired with yellow lantana or pink vinca..

Plant your own pineapple...cut off top, set in water for three days in the light (in a shallow dish with water half way up the fleshy bit), after three days, plant in soil, water and fertilize. (indoor plant) after 24 mo you will have a pineapple...every year after it will produce 3-4 pineapples. Large plant so give room. and only water every couple days right down the middle

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Shade Plants - Silver Lace Black Primrose

Plant Finder~Need to save this~Enter type plant,type sun,special feature,landscape use, etc & get list of ideal plants for situation. |Southern Living Plants

Pretty Woman Tree Lily -- sun/partial sun; 8" fragrant blooms; strong stems/no staking; Grows 3-4' the first year, 5-6' the second year and up to an 6-8' at maturity; 20-30 flowers on each plant by third growing season; Easy to grow; Perennial in Zones 3 - 10; Mid summer.

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Jade Plant - keys to success with Jade Plants

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How to plant garlic (one clove produces up to twenty more) - you can always have fresh garlic!

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