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Dare to Meet Your Twin Flame or Twin Soul

Love isn't perfect. It isn't a fairytale or a storybook and it doesn't always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. Love is work, but most of all, love is realizing that every hour, every minute, every second of it was worth it because you did it together. ~Unknown

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FOR MORE INFO ON THE TWIN FLAME STAGES: "Navigating the Stages of Twin Flame Relationships" Audios (6 classes) ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Though the term "twin flame" is quite misrepresented on the Internet...and though the term is a little off the radar as far as mainstream accepted ter...

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Twin Flames

Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Ideally, this happens in both of their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together.

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With all of my being, I believe this is us...twin flame

Many twin flames have experienced the phenomena of 11's in birth dates, numerology, dates of meeting and such, and constantly receive the 11:11 messages. I believe it can only be a symbol of the greater work that twin souls have been united on the earth to do.

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