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    Gospel symbols: Matthew = man Mark = lion Luke = bull John = eagle



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    The emblem of the Theosophical Society, a Western mystical order founded in 1875 by mystic Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. The Society’s logo is composed of an Ankh, a hexagram, an ouroboros, a swastika, and the Omkar symbol. Blavatksy’s intent was to create a symbol embodying universal spiritual symbols, emphasizing the common esoteric doctrines in every faith.

    Ethiopian Scroll

    Armenian Symbols of Eternity and Rebirth

    Pelican in her piety by Granpic, via Flickr

    The Seven Archangels - Angelic Sigil Pendant. - Actually these are their names written in angelic writing.

    Notable printers' marks. Historically, a printer’s mark is a symbol identifying a particular printer, such a mark was often an element of a larger pictoral image called a device.

    Botanical - Leaf - shapes

    St. Zachariah and St. Elizabeth with their son, St. John the Baptist.

    symbolism of spatial structures in icons

    The symbols of the four Evangelists flank the cross, from a fifteenth-century Dutch book of hours (Walters Art Museum Ms. W.165, fol. 113v). (Walters Museum)

    "Magus of the Eternal Gods" ~ The Hermetic Tarot ~ the Hierophant ~ Trump V

    Fictitious and Symbolic Creatures in Art: Celestial Beings: Emblems of the Four Evangelists

    The Lindisfarne Gospels is an illuminated Latin manuscript of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, produced in Lindisfarne Northumbria in the late 7th century or early 8th century

    St John- Eagle

    The Book of Kells, c. 800 AD. This page contains the symbols of the Four Evangelists: a man (Matthew), a lion (Mark), an eagle (John) and an ox (Luke). The four cardinal points of the Zodiac.

    Amulet, 11th century; Fatimid, Egypt Ink on paper H. 9 in. (23 cm), W. 3 1/4 in. (8.4 cm) Centuries before block printing was introduced in Europe, the technique was used in the Islamic world to produce miniature texts consisting of prayers, incantations, and Qur’anic verses that were kept in amulet boxes. The text on this amulet is in the angular kufic script. The six-pointed star, a familiar symbol in Islamic art, is usually called "Solomon's seal."

    winged: Matthew, lion: Mark, ox: Luke, eagle: John. center lamb of God: Christ. 9th century

    Alchemy symbols of satan

    Symbol of St John the Baptist (Panel) | V Search the Collections From Italy,ca 800,ivory with paint.

    The Symbol of St. John from the Book of Kells