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… I am a little child; I do not know how to go out or come in 1 Kings 3:7. -- Lord, watch over me.

The best smile ever !.......BLUE EYES, RED HAIR AND GREAT FRECKLES.......HOW NEAT...................ccp

MyThirtySpotfrom MyThirtySpot

9 Simple Makeup Tricks from Experts to Make Your Eyes Pop

She is so goregous you will never know how how jelous i really am

lauren rosenbaum -- because she is just that good. look at meg's eyes and the wall behind her. look at the incredibly perfect depth of field here -- her face is perfectly focused, and her neck and shoulders are just out of focus enough to fade to the background without becoming a ball of blur. amazing craftsmanship in her photos.


HubPagesfrom HubPages

African-Americans with Green, Grey, Hazel or Blue Eyes, Naturally Blonde or Red (Ginger) Hair, and Freckles


ModCloth Blogfrom ModCloth Blog

Would you sport fake freckles?

This is so cool. I love the way the hair is draped and how she is lying down.

TotalBeautyfrom TotalBeauty

Got Freckles? You're Probably Making These Makeup Mistakes

Freckles are beautiful..

In that very moment, something miraculous took place within the dark faery’s heart. Warmth never felt before began to spread where only ice had lived for centuries. When Mae lifted her gaze, the dark faery vanished before she could witness its true form. For the first time in its ancient existence, it felt searing shame for its evil intent. [FATE'S FABLES excerpt.]

Mrs. Marinafrom Mrs. Marina

Tribute to all Shades of Fiery Hair

green eyes and freckles - A Tribute to Redheads on Marina's Blog