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Once upon a time, i used Comic Sans for my email signature...

I feel badly for this dog, and anyone who knows someone who uses comic sans

Don't do it! LOL! so embarrassed to say we used it on our wedding invites... but that was before I knew anything about design!

Comic sans...yup and papyrus isn't far behind, unless you are a unicorn writing a poem to an 8 year old girl.

Graphisms by Nebojsa Cvetkovic, via Behance Me sarcastically to my typography teacher: "Can I use Comic Sans in my final project?!" :D Teach: "I'll take a letter grade off" hahaha

same goes for Papyrus Kelly Surace This is so funny since we just had this conversation about comic sans and papyrus!

If you want to make a designer cringe, there are a few fonts you can ask for in your project that will likely make them look at you cross-eyed. But by far the most egregious ...

Keep Calm and Avoid Comic Sans (this is the best keep calm poster ever!!!)

Omg this is something I would do. I effing hate Comic Sans.