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Doggie umbrella leash....AMAZING!!!

Things To Help When Walking Your Dog In The Rain Snoozer Pet Umbrella keeps your pet dry and comfortable in rain, sleet or snow. Clear umbrella body gives you full view of your pet. The fabric of the dog umbrella is waterproof.

For all the spoiled doggies out there (or people who don't want wet dog smell in their houses)

Pet Umbrella (Dog Umbrella) Keeps your Pet Dry and Comfotable in Rain,


This one is the Adorable Japanese Playing Cards. We can see there is a dog in the cards. It should be a short story of a cute dog. We can see in each cards, the footprint of the dog will change with the change of numbers.

Saca ventaja en eso de tener un perro con estos productos tan cool e inteligentes.

28 Cosas que no tenías idea que necesitabas para tu perro

The Pet High Chair - Hammacher Schlemmer I would NEVER sit my dog at the table, and idk which dog would like this. But i like the idea omg yes for Pookie too funny

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Awww, poor thing - but this made me laugh b/c I thought about my dogs in the car!

22 inventions insolites que vous aurez probablement envie d'acheter | Buzzly

22 inventions insolites que vous aurez probablement envie d'acheter

The Dogbrella! I need this pet umbrella for my miniature schnauzer who HATES rain with a passion!

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Twist Pet Step - Give your pet extra support and reduce stress-related injuries with this portable pet step.

7 Trendy Pet Fountains Keep Cats And Dogs From Dehydration --- from InventorSpot.com --- for the coolest new products and wackiest inventions.

9 Best Indoor And Outdoor Pet Fountains For Your Dogs and Cats

The Doggie Fountain is basically a drinking fountain for dogs where your best friend can take a sip of fresh water whenever he wants to.

Better keep your dogs dry during all the rain! Dogbrella. #uniquegifts

For diva dogs that hate going out in the rain! my schnauzer hates rain. this is PERFECT

love dogs

Los perros amistad, amor, inteligencia

Don't fall for the hype. A pedigree does not make a dog or cat "better". All dogs and cats should have a forever home and will love you just the same, without the overpriced piece of paper. Adopt a rescue pet or mixed breed from your local shelter.

Things NOT to give Ruthie!!

People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets

Foods Toxic To Dogs- This is so important! Be sure to read, don't loose your best friend by feeding him/her something toxic.BE CAREFUL!

Pillow with doggie name Kolten, Cole-Ten, sage, puppy paws  or dog 1. loyal and loving 2. cuddle bug 3. Friendly Goof Ball

Personalized Dog Pillow- your own dog's name "pronunciation" and "definition" so you can fit it with your dog's personality perfectly! This site has the greatest pet gifts or gifts for pet lovers!

We are their world.

My Favorite Quotes #10

So true and so sad."Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day" -John Grogan, Marley and Me

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102 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized

Make your own customized DIY dog food tin storage canister for just a few dollars from an empty popcorn tin. Get the Knock-off Ballard Dog Food Tin tutorial

Pet Umbrella - My Modern Metropolis

Pet Umbrella

Dog Gifts:Pet Umbrella (Dog Umbrella) Keeps your Pet Dry and Comfortable in Rain - Novelty Gag Gift

So true

that moment when you need to adjust your sleeping position but feel bad becuase your pet is asleep on you. / Confession Ecard / (someecards,dog,sleep) YEP do this with evie all the time