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The Morning After - Londoners go back to work during the blitz. There was a general determination to try to carry on as normal, even though many people were suffering from lack of sleep and transport was massively disrupted.

'Keep Calm and Carry On' ~ a London milkman carries on as normal in the aftermath of a night of intensive German Luftwäffe bombing raids, 9 October 1940 ~ (Photograph by Fred Morley)

'Keep calm and carry on' is the order of the day, as a letter carrier collects the post from a pillar box as normal in the Old Kent Road the morning after a night of intensive German Luftwäffe bombing raids, September 1940

Keep calm & carry on: a spirit-of-the-Blitz milk bar in London, where there had been a dairy until it was destroyed by Luftwäffe Blitz-bombing raids.

Residents of Coventry salvaging what they can from their destroyed homes the morning after a Luftwaffe bombing - 15 November 1940 Photo by George Rodger

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People asleep on the escalators at Piccadilly Tube Station, London, during an air raid, 1940.

An alarm clock with a piece of German shell embedded in the dial, from the German naval raid on Hartlepool, 16 December 1914

The Liverpool Blitz of 1941 involved 681 German Luftwäffe bombers. 2315 high explosive bombs and 119 other explosives were dropped on the city. There were 2895 casualties, with many more left homeless.