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Want to Live to 100? Eat These Foods

Do you sometimes find yourself rummaging through your pantry for bags of cookies or chips, baked goods, or other unhealthy foods to snack on? Before you reach for the junk food, ask yourself how satisfying this kind of snack is really going to be.

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top 10 ways to reduce stress right this very minute

In David Letterman countdown fashion, here are my top 10 ways I manage stress in the moment.  Maybe something here will help you, too.

Cancer isn't actually a disease, but in fact an ancient survival mechanism of the body which is activated via epigenetic changes in its micro-environment or terrain of the body. When the pH of the blood begins to drop (from the over consumption of processed, non-organic, acidic food), the cells of the body begin to alter their state so they can live in a very acidic environment. - from Wellness Uncovered Health Forum