Unalome lotus temporary tattoo (set of 2)                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Unalome lotus temporary tattoo (set of 2)

A pretty unalome tattoo with a lotus flower on top. It symbolizes the journey to enlightenment and the opportunity of new beginnings through struggles. To find or path requires strength and divine int

Love the placement

Cartolina Blooms

Tattly sells temporary tattoos designed by professional artists and designers. Tattly temporary tattoos are safe and non-toxic, shipped out of Brooklyn, and made with vegetable-based ink.

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Lotus Flower: Buddha compared himself to the lotus flower because it grows not in soil, but in water, thus leaving it unsullied by whatever happens on Earth.

"let it be" tattoo, love itttt!

"Let It Be" has always been a tattoo I wanted. I over-think way too much, it would be a good reminder to let God's will happen and let Him lead me. I particularly like this design.

girls with tattoos & henna {in lieu}

"With every heartbeat". With every heartbeat. do something you love; make the most of life; appreciate the life you have and every heartbeat you're given; with every heartbeat, invest your heart and soul.