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‎"The phrase 'It's absolutely the same with me, I...' seems to be an approving echo, a way of continuing the other's thought, but that is an illusion: in reality it is a brute revolt against a brutal violence, an effort to free our own ear from bondage and to occupy the enemy's ear by force."

From the joy and anguish of her own experience, Sexton fashioned poems that told truths about the inner lives of men and women. This book...

13 Short Stories With Unexpectedly Shocking Twists

13 Short Stories with unexpected twists. So I can start reading again (short-attention-span internetdisease).

23 Books You Need To Read Before Watching The Movie Versions

The Kite Runner (unfinished; I couldn't continue after reading the rape part in the beginning; I should try reading this again now, I think I can now)

Free book: Get a free copy of 'Atlas Shrugged' if you fill out the online form by June 30

It took me an entire summer to get through Atlas Shrugged...time well spend. Ayn Rand is so right on, and the message is timeless.

I love Alison Weir's books, this one on Anne Boleyn is great, she is one of my favorite historical figures.