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"Slut: A person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you.

for more opinions on gay rights, check out "legalize love" at www.icouldntmakethisshitupblog.com

for more opinions on gay rights, check out "legalize love" at www.

Everyone deserves equal rights.   Everyone.

"Asking you to give me EQUAL RIGHTS implies they are yours to give. Instead, I must demand that you stop trying to deny me the rights app people deserve.

No means no. Only a clear, resounding, entirely voluntary, enthusiastic "Yes!" means yes. If you're not 100% sure, it's not a yes.

Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes: being a domestic abuse/sexual assult survivor: No Means No

Respect everyone whether they happen to engage in sex or not.

stop equating self-respect with chastity. And for god's sake don't try to call yourself a feminist if you're calling anyone else a slut.

polyamory love quotes | Monthly Archives: May 2012

I'm only a "slut" 'cuz my sexuality scares you. A man with many sexual partners is "macho," "experienced," "virile." But a woman with many sexual partners is labeled a "slut." In patriarchal societies, this stems from trying to "protect the heir.

Slut shaming - yeah those eCards about the girl with the vagina with the password of "password" - STOP IT. You're empowering men to keep us down, and giving them justification for crimes against women. YOU are just as guilty as they are.

Feminist Elizabethan: Feminist Meme: Don't Take Part In Slut Shaming

value women, not intact hymens.

It is shame that women from so many religious cultures have to get surgery to reclaim their virginity, while some men learn how to have sex in others ways. Are we kidding ourselves?


Reminding others (and ourselves) that feminism is not the dirty word. I am a feminist and I'm proud of that.

slut: a made-up word used to shame women into "behaving"

My boyfriend rocks a shirt that says "SLUTS are always welcome here." Embrace the label and destigmatize it. Or STFU, whatever.

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