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In a small mountain village 200 km north of Mexico City called Pantoja live the last traditional potters of Mexico:

- by Saeed al alawi, via 500px

Lola Alvarez Bravo - Dormido/Sleeping 1941, a wonderful Mexican Photographer has her works at the UofA Center for Creative Photography

God knows no color ... But he sees and hears our hearts , no matter what color we are..

touchable light - hand - woman - sun ray - dust - black dress - hair - eye - elbow - wall - window - memory

Prayer. Hands that are weary from labor and still have strength to fold in prayer,

Mismo silencio, mismo tiempo, el mismo humor y descontento, la misma tristeza y cansancio acumulado y de la mano, a una misma esperanza. ¿Cómo preguntas si tenemos algo en común? Algo en común - Enrique Bumbury

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