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Parmesan Mushroom Rice

Parmesan Mushroom Rice - ready in 20 minutes! You'll never use the boxed stuff again! Rice, mushrooms garlic, chicken broth, milk, parmesan cheese and parsley. So easy and SOOOO delicious! You can leave out the mushrooms if you don't like them - great either way.

Wow, these look so easy, and would be fun to make with the kids! All you need is sushi rice, an onigiri mold (found here:, a nori sheet, and some clean scissors.

リラックマ稲荷の行楽弁当と動物公園♪ by momoさん

picnic bento with inari zushi (my favorite, although I've never seem them like a teddy bear before)

½ a Stick of Butter Rice

Ok. So if you've been around 30days for the last couple of years, you have most likely seen my Stick of Butter Rice. It was my Great-Grandma's recipe that m

“Super busy since school started. Found this #duck cream stew in my archive. Made this for a bento project last year but I changed my mind and used a…”