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from The Atlantic

Why Is American Health Care So Ridiculously Expensive?

Why Is American Health Care So Ridiculously Expensive? It would be nice to say that high prices are a bug of our medical system. But they're a feature. They're part of a choice we've made.- The Atlantic

~ Here's a governor who is totally out of step with reality. One can only hope voters will replace her as soon as possible. Why is it so hard for people to understand that more money in the pockets of everyday citizens, means more money spent locally, thus a boom to the local economy. A boom to the local economy means more products and services purchased, thus local businesses have a need to hire more employees to keep up with supply and demand. This is basic economics folks. Wake up…

According to republicans it's the elderly and the poor that are destroying America. I suggest that maybe it's mega-rich corporations that have bought the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

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Alycee on

Twitter / jazziz2: Somethings wrong with this ...

from Salon

The 10 biggest GOP rebranding fails of 2013

Steve King’s war on animals Steve King’s war on animals The Iowa Republican is pushing an amendment that could make puppy mills and cat meat legal

Vote these GOP vermin out! (with my apologies to rats and cockroaches who, obviously. are not trying to destroy the country)