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Eat Your Way To Better Health

#Antioxidant #Infographic | Here's a helpful guide to making sure you get your daily dose of antioxidants.


Honeydew melon is a rich source of vitamin C that helps to boost levels of collagen the protein that gives skin its youth firmness. It is a good fruit source of Copper essential for healthy skin because it helps aid in skin cell regeneration your body's ability to repair its muscles tissues. Also rich source of folic acid, it's known to aid in reducing symptoms of depression, protect against different forms of cancer, fight numerous neurological disorders. #dherbs

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How to Lose Weight with the Caveman Diet

* Eat the colors of the rainbow. The more colorful your diet, the more nutrient rich. http://www.RedzonePerfor...


Anti-Inflammatory Meals for Rheumatoid Arthritis. By eating right you will reduce inflammation and thereby also reduce the effects of RA. Here are some great tips.

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Colours of health

Kitchen Witchery: WHITE ~ The strong phytochemical in these whitish/greenish vegetables, called allicin, is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral chemical. Some white foods prevent cancer and heart disease, and lower cholesterol levels. Celery, often dubbed a useless vegetable because it has no calories, does have minerals like good sodium that help keep joints healthy.The selenium in mushrooms is also healthy. This group helps maintain low cholesterol levels and a healthy heart.

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Stop Acne Now!

Orange Fruits and Vegetables. Carotenoids are the powerful phytochemical in orange foods, and they are what give the foods their color. Carotenoids repair DNA and help prevent cancer and heart disease, as well as strengthening our vision. These orange foods also give us the right amount of vitamin A, which keeps our eyes and skin healthy, and protects against infections. They are also known to boost the immune system. Struggling with acne?


calories in fruit- people concerned with their diet shouldn't count the calories in fruits and veggies, but count how many colors they eat per day. plant foods rich color are good for you no matter how many calories of it you eat. its the phyto-nutrients in these fruits that help you lose weight and get healthy! so EAT UP and eat COLORFULLY :)

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Cayenne Pepper Benefits Your Gut, Heart & Beyond

15 cayenne pepper benefits - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

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Fresh Bread

Lots of great life hacks


25 Best Benefits Of Strawberries For Hair And Health

Pick Strawberries. ✓


Cabbage in general helps lower cholesterol, and because it's part of the cruciferous family of vegetables, it helps lower the risk of many types of cancer. But did you know that RED cabbage is more nutrient dense than green cabbage? This fact is due to the rich red color of red cabbage and its concentration of anthocyanin polyphenols. Here are some other red-cabbage facts you maybe didn't know.


How You Can Eat to Beat Back Pain

Many foods have been shown to reduce inflammation, as well as to increase it. So when you have back pain, diet may help you avoid it.

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Slow Aging from the Inside Out: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Slow Aging from the Inside Out: The Anti Inflammatory Diet


Tart cherries have antioxidants & phytonutrients that help with WEIGHT LOSS, INFLAMMATION, & DISEASE PREVENTION. Their red color is from anthocyanins, an amino acid that helps to protect the body from DIABETES & CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE. Cherries also contain melatonin, which has anti-aging benefits, which promotes better sleep. Cherries can also help to lower cholesterol, promote heart health, & improve mental function. Athletes may drink tart cherry juice to combat JOINT PAIN & MUSCLE…

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23 High Fiber Foods to Help Keep You Regular

23 High Fiber Foods to Help Keep You Regular -- Fiber is an essential aspect of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Getting plenty of fiber in your diet, along with drinking lots of water, will keep you regular, which in turn helps to cleanse your color and keep your digestive system in top working order. Eat plenty of high fiber foods to stay regular and healthy.

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Rooibos Tea and Weight Loss

Besides possibly helping you to lose weight, there are a number of other health benefits to drinking rooibos tea. Many of the health benefits associated with drinking rooibos tea are derived from its potent antioxidant activity.


The Health Benefits of ‪#‎GreenBeans‬ Green beans belong to the beans family and their name comes from their color – logically. Like their other bean relatives, green beans are rich in ‪#‎protein‬, ‪#‎vitamins‬, ‪#‎minerals‬ and ‪#‎antioxidants‬ as well as dietary fiber that offer many health benefits. 100 grams of green beans contain 31 calories – excellent news for people on weight loss diets as a way to obtain as much protein and fiber as possible and still remain full. ‪#‎Diabetes‬ ‪