great studio organization with a magnetic strip for tools

I NEED to do this for my studio. omg Organized swatches and a magnetic strip for tools in a craft studio / workspace

artist studio  design ideas - almost free reusing tin cans!

Ideas for designing home offices, workshops and craft rooms - Part 2

Great idea for organizing kid's school or art supplies! Aluminum cans with magnets on the back to organize art supplies.

Looking for new ways to keep the construction paper monster at bay? Click through for some ideas and tips!

Clutter-Free Classroom has FREE tips & ideas to help teachers improve classroom organization & management.

Martha's 50 Top Kitchen Tips | Martha Stewart

Martha's 50 Top Kitchen Tips

First-Aid Kit: The kitchen is command central in most homes, so keep basic first-aid supplies there. Martha arranges items in little containers. (I like the idea of making a "First-Aid drawer")

Great idea to keep rolls of ribbon nice and neat, by stringing them on to a tension rod.

get a tension curtain rod use it to hang ribbons. This method could also be used for gift wrapping, using tension rods for rolled wrapping paper, ribbons, stickers and tape.

I love the idea for ribbon and lace storage...

I love this area. Lots of DIY ideas for lighting and organization. DIY ribbon rack: boards for frame, cut out notches and slide in wooden dowels to hold ribbon

16 Amazing Do It Yourself Home Ideas

for the school room closet. Ballpark plastic cups become a wall of pen and marker storage. Two holes are punched into the back of the cups, then secured with zip ties through the cup and the pegboard. ¤♡¤ I would make use shorter cups


Cool Office Design & Organization, also looks like a great idea for behind my sewing table

Armelle Blog: my studio/office

38 Clever Organizing Ideas with Boxes

tupperware storage for craft studio organization 24 Creative Craft Room Storage Concepts hand made stuff

play, craft, homework room ideas - Playroom/Homework room ideas - We want a build out along sides of window and under window storage...

Do your kids grouse about doing their homework? Here are some ways to give them a stylish and functional homework station they’ll love to use! If you have the room for it, designate a space only for homework: What kid.

<b>If you were looking for drawers OF porn, you came to the wrong place.</b> Your dream drawer awaits.

82 Gratuitous Photos Of Drawer Porn

A Place for Everything Prevent your craft drawer from becoming a junk drawer by using clear containers to organize glue sticks, paper punches, and all your other craft supplies.

Inspiration: Orderly Art Supplies

Inspiration: Orderly Art Supplies

How to clean and organize your craft room. Ideas for saving space and time. Run small strips of wood down the wall, lean paint bottles against wall. I need to do this, for my nail stuff and my crafts!

Now that is fabulous inexpensive storage! I love all of the embroidery hoops on the wall, that's how I keep my embroidery hoops, frames, and tapestry looms! Textile tools are always attractive!

10 Smart and Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Craft Space

22 super creative arts and crafts storage inspiration for your home. Even if you are renter, you can come up with something that will work for your space.