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I'm Erica Moon. I'm 14 years old and I'm the daughter of Austin and Ally. They took a break in their music career to raise me. I feel kind of bad making them end their dream, but my parents said I was their new dream. Anyway a bit about me. My best friend is Vie and I sometimes get her in trouble. I'm only trying to be a teen though, so really not my fault. I also love food, especially waffles. My mother finds it hilarious when my father and I get into an argument about which is better…

Azalea by Jenny Packham and a Delicate Floral Crown for a Bohemian Meets Edwardian Style Wedding At Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Azalea by Jenny Packham and a Delicate Floral Crown for an Emmanuel College, Cambridge Wedding

I love all thing's Annie Manning....She is such a huge inspiration to me...I love her photography and her sense of style...This is such a beautiful simple wall display...Great ideas for the entrance into my studio.

"This picture became a supplemental poster to the April issue of Nakayoshi. I felt uneasy and wondered if everybody would really put it up. However, when I visited my cousin’s child, Mizuki, I found that this poster was hanging on the wall in her room. And she told me, "I like this poster the best." Very happy to hear that."

Love is rarely flawless. Humans delude themselves by thinking it has to be. It is the imperfection that makes love perfect. Richelle Mead

A moon face to wear day or night! Hand made in Sterling Silver.Each face has a different character and so may vary slightly from those shown in the image.......................................................All of my products are completely unique and made by hand in my Devon studio. Please allow two weeks from the time of order for items that are to be made to size.Please select your size UK (US):