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Snoopy Weather Vane

Weather vane

farm tractor weather vane

Mermaids weather vane

weather vanes ☺

lighthouse weather vane

weather vane with bats

Robin Weather Vane Feeding Chicks by West Coast Weather Vanes. This version of the weathervane features a baby chick on each directional. When it is placed outside and the wind blows, the mother robin "feeds" her baby chicks. The original idea of incorporating the directionals into an active design element of the turning weather vane, is an original design concept by West Coast Weather Vanes.

Weather Vane

For some silly reason, I've always wanted a weather vane. This Golden compass weather vane is the shit!

ARTISTS WEATHER VANE Artists Palette Weather Vane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This Artist's Palette weathervane can be made using a variety of materials and is a great way to celebrate the artist in your family.

heron copper weather vane - love the oxidized copper look

Weather Vane

I Absolutely WANT one of these....anyone know where I can get one Made????? ;0) Crow Weather-vane

Dove weather vane

peacock weather vane....

TOP TO BOTTOM: Examples of combination weather vanes/lightning rods are this zinc cow (c. 1910); zinc boxer (1900); copper horse (1880). Lightning rods were used to protect buildings.

Weather vane

Ridin' In Style Garden Weather Vane

.....spotting weather vanes on sunny country roads.....especially one as cute as this one.....