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You know this shot was a labor of love, thank you grant gunderson for your love of skiing and your need to capture the best of it.

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MEXICO - SEEKING FOR A NEW PORT by Driving the 1000 miles that would lead us to the ferry to get to the mainland, we randomly stopped in one of the Seven sisters' gorgeous point breaks. After the painful (for the RV) dirt road drive, we stopped to surf our first real good "baja style" empty wave.

Dubai: A Skier's Journey EP2 S3 by ARC'TERYX. In 40 degree heat, in the largest sand desert on the planet, Chad Sayers and Chad Manley go looking for the one of the world's strangest of ski environments: Ski Dubai. In the midst of a city of dizzying ambition, this 'local hill' climbs 60 vertical meters out of a luxury shopping mall. Inside the frigid, air conditioned space, they find a dedicated ski community of desert-dwellers, growing in the unlikeliest of places.