quicker than french braiding bangs to the side.--Um okay, that was easy; definitely doing this.

French Braid and Sock Bun - Looks complicated, but this actually an easy and cute hairstyle!


French Twist how to. Got to try this today to see how well it works with layered hair.

Bleached Long Hairstyle

This girl has lots of fun makeup tutorials!....& wow...that is a drastic difference!

Haircuts for medium hair with bangs on one side

Love this cut. Im so happy I cut my hair this wsy

easy to do hair styles

How to: French Braid Hair (video & step-by-steps) I've watched every video ever made and I still can't do it. Maybe this is the one?

hmm how do you do that?

Take two invisible elastic bands and separate the hair into two ponytails, one above the other, in the back of your head. Once the ponytails are secured, take sections of each ponytail and, starting at the ends, roll them toward the head, pinning them in place with bobby pins. Roll the top ponytail first, then the bottom, leaving pieces closest to the middle for last.

Easy hairstyles in less that ten minutes

bob with bangs

Curly Hair Tips. Pinner said: I personally have tried what this girl says and wow! I hardly ever straighten my hair now! And it's grown quicker since I've stopped. Lots of good product tips.


quick and easy hair

Front Side Twist

Easy peasy and ridiculously cute.

carrie underwood updo weddings-things

Double side twist & cute twig bobbies. I just love TheSmallThings blog!