• Norma Garcia-Lopez

    Pinterest- true story

  • Reyna Gonzalez

    My name is ______ and I am addicted to Pinterest. awwww the truth hurts!!!

  • Bella

    pinterest!:) TRUE FACT.

  • Daniela Levin

    So true!! Although...I have done a few things I have found via Pinterest!

  • Flo Jones

    So True! #pinterest #quote

  • Kimberly Hart

    pinterest funny quote

  • Judy

    Thank You, Pinterest! works so very well when I have OVERDONE and can't actually DO anything but this. Note: I admit I have become addicted to this as I find out so many things I didn't know, laugh at, remember fondly, wish upon or just enjoy!!:) thanks for techno

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That is the truth too. I was so scared of letting go only to find out later how much he wanted to work to win me back. I love you. 5.24.11

Funny but true. Motherhood in a nutshell

story of my life


This is beautiful




The Vow

10 things every couple must do after marriage. I actually love this list!

yep :) choose who you believe wisely

gotta let go



Black Friday: Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.

Think about it...

Rustic wedding details


haha yepp

i have the strength to do it