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#TreatYourself #Shopkick To experience my childhood fairy tales by visiting Castello di Miramare in Viale Miramare, Trieste. Pretending is my escape... My treat

Renaissance balconies above the Caffe Al Teatro in Verona, Italy

Trieste * Castello Miramare, Italy by Marilyn Kendall

classic architecture balconies, Barcelona (via ilogicagc.tumblr 13783050915)

Piscina Mirabilis, Napoli, Italy. The Piscina Mirabilis was a freshwater cistern on the Bacoli cliff at the western end of the Gulf of Naples, southern Italy. One of the largest freshwater cisterns built by the ancient Romans, it was situated there in order to provide the Roman western imperial fleet at Portus Julius with drinking water. The ancient cistern is in private hands but parts of it may still be visited.

New York, New York, New York

Thought for their own lives, the courage to give up something. The world is not a fair place, and you never get the plan for co-existence. To freedom, you have to sacrifice safety. To idle, you can not get others to evaluate the achievement. To pleasure, you do not need to care about the people around him to give attitude. To move forward, you have to leave you now a place to stay.

Art nouveau. Life In Havana, Cuba. #luxury #travel #candles