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a good hubby would be tickle pink if i did even 1% of these recommendations :)

The Good Wife Guide - 19 Rules for Keeping a Happy Husband. I don't think I received my copy!

FYI...I really like her take on this article and the positive 2011 spin the blogger writes.

You can have it all. A shitty low paying secretarial job AND a crappy marriage where you do all the work. THANKS ONE A DAY!

Cigarettes 1928 Its 2012 and we haven't seen these commerecials for years now

#vintageads I was about to divorce you, Clementine, because you couldn't make decent tea, but this wonderful brew makes me love you all over again!

"Don't Let Daddy Lick Me Again!" wow! Beating the crap out of your child so he will take a laxative?! How ironic, not to mention disturbing.

Girls are bad at math. And soft hands trump a great personality and good cooking skills ANY day.

ice cream truck..a nickel was all you needed...notice the little girl is wearing a cute little sundress...yup, we did that

McDonalds original prices. Sure would be good to roll back to those prices in this economy!