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  • Sarah Kestel

    Kids Photo Idea

  • Stephanie Cummings

    cute idea! Some day my kids will have a play room and this would be adorable on the wall!

  • Ashh Konrad

    Ripped jeans. Summer days. Swings. Bare feet.

  • Courtney B

    I can't count how many times I get told I have pretty toes.. So I'm thinking I should throw this into my Senior photo shoot before I get old and my toes get ugly.. Lol.

  • Saige Picas

    torn jeans . barefoot . and a swing

  • Haylie Baxter

    Blue jeans, barefeet, and swings!

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These are NOT friendly swings. Rider beware. Lol! Tara & Rielle know what I mean. 'o) "STOP the ride"

Something about this swing set shot!...the colorfulness, the composition,...the FUN!

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