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A life without love is no life at all - wedding decor inspiration - DIY wedding - vintage mirror with message instead of chalkboard! YES

message in a bottle ♥ Use all the love notes from my Hubbins.

how romantic to write a note on your wedding day and not allow your husband to open it until a date in the future :)

Thank you for my note!! huge smile! I am so lucky to be in love and to be loved by you! You"re everything! xoxo

message in a bottle magical! Plant one when we are on hols for dd1 from the ocean fairies!

love finding old bottles on the beach~~~

~ Bottle Collection ~My Great Aunt use to have a glass shelf in her Kitchen window and she placed several colored bottles there. I had a elderly neighbor as a child that said the bottles you root things in should always be colored bottles, she believed the darker tints were more cohesive of an atmosphere to root in. I always root in antique colored glass bottles.

Decorate some old bottles found at the thift store~ They added Keyholes and lamp finials on these old bottles! You could also add old cheap jewelry you sometimes find at garage sales.

I am saving my bottles to make mosaics like this for a bottle tree in my yard.

Message in a bottle!!! Bebe'!!! Just a day at the beach!!!