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This is an apparel example of a non western design. It is an oriental inspired Kimono. This would be a popular fashion design in the continent of Asia.

Little girls dressed in kimono for the festival at Meiji shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Young Boy at Japanese Wedding Festival - 七五三 by Einharch, via Flickr

.Japanese traditional event -Shichi Go San-: November 15th is the day of the Shichi-go-san or Seven-five-three festival in Japan. This is a traditional Japanese event to celebrate children's growth and pray for their future health and well-being.

Shichi Go San-7 5 3. This is a ceremony to bless boys and girls.

Jidai Matsuri--showing what a noble woman would wear while traveling.

Japanese wedding outfit: photo by Sgt.Steiner. Locals in Misawa, Japan, dressed me up in a similar wedding kimono and I still have the picture, complete with white face makeup!

Japanese girl in kimono - all smiles

Geisha in Kyoto - momoyama, Flickr