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Great idea! (Magnetic puzzles-use on a cookie sheet during car trips)

Magnetic Puzzles - stick a little magnet onto the back of each puzzle piece, then put together the puzzle on a cookie sheet! Great way to keep from losing puzzle pieces, easy clean-up, and great for car trips!

50+ FUN Ideas for a family road trip Most of these would also work great for church, quiet times, etc.

Looking for fun car trip games for kids. I've got you covered for your family summer vacation. With over 50 fun car trip games and activities you won't hear I'm bored any time soon.

Activities, Ideas, Travel, Movies & Technology for Kids - All for the Boys - DIY MAGNETIC TRAVEL ACTIVITY TRAY


DIY travel activities for kids Craft, Interrupted: DIY Magnetic Travel Activity Tray

Great Idea for diaper bag

travel packs to keep in the car such as first aid, activity bag, snack bag etc. I don't have kids but I could still see myself doing something similar when traveling, especially road trips or camping.

The child profile sheet becomes a physical record of your child as they grow up.  In the tragic event of a missing child, however, the information contained on this form could be a life saver.

Child Profile Card

The child accident report form can be used by any preschool or daycare to document any accidents or injuries that occur with children

Chit~Chat Chart...OH YES! Everytime someone talks while teacher talks they pull a square, after 3 your out for a time during recess.  I SO NEED TO START THIS!!!

Chit~Chat Chart: Every time someone talks while the teacher talks they pull a square. At the end of the day, students receive a star for every remaining square. (Use instead of names.

Popsicle Puzzles - could do family or animals or (another pin had numbers on the back)

Popsicle Stick Puzzles - An easy storage idea is a plastic baggy. These puzzles would be great to put in a diaper bag or purse to pull-out when you’re on-the-go and need a quiet activity! Could also add the little magnets to the back for fridge fun.

Classroom Management Strategies: Secret Superhero - Put a secret name in the jar each day. If that student follows the rules on that day, he/she gets a treasure.

Classroom Management Strategies: Secret Superhero put a student name into the jar at the beginning of the day; when preparing to leave, if they have had a great day, they are the superhero!

Use a #tackle or #craft #box for easy snacks

Family Travel: How to Vacation with a Toddler -

Road trip food kit, and other tips for traveling with kids. (Well, why leave it just for kids? This is a great idea adults who have long road trips, too. I bet I could find even healthier foods to put in the tackle box.) diy-and-crafts