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“What are you gonna look like when you’re 60 with all those tattoos?” “Fucking bad ass”

And this? | 24 Tattooed Seniors Answer The Question: "What Will It Look Like In 40 Years?"

Kick Ass Tattoo Artists From Around The World: Niki Norberg’s Realistic Tattoos | KickassThings

This 70 year old is the embodiment of not caring what other people think and doing what you want to do in life. Isobel Varley is the most tattooed senior woman in the world with around 75% of her body tattooed.

Artist Ozone Ofk Nico 3d emerald skull tattoo...this is bad a$$

I would never but I love this

I want something like this soooooo bad!!!!!

I think this is the most amazing tattoo I've ever seen. Great concept

the tree of life


My bf needs this so bad


"What are you going to do when your old with all your tattoos?" "Hang out with other cool tattooed dudes.

That is so bad ass

Tattoos – Breast Cancer Survivor. So. Bad. Ass.

"what are you going to do about your tattoos when you're older?!"...dunno mate, probably grow an epic beard and hangout with other badass tattooed dudes and generally look awesome. What are you going to do when you just look like every other old bastard?

bad ass design and colors INK~ tattoos

Ooooh she's gorgeous and I love her tattoos!