"This is my Druid Oakling. A Druid that wanders the forest. I love it. It goes really good with my Druid Greenman tattoo I got the month before. My tattoos are all representative of my new look at life. My mom just died of Cancer and I knew I needed to heal myself. I’m Tricia Westvig, I got this and all of my other tattoos at The Golden Dragon Tattoo Shop in Henderson, Nevada, by Jeremy Day. He’s great!!!"

"To life" friend tattoos

LOVE these tattoos.

My boyfriends name written all over it


Sue Jeiven

Ron Burgundy :)

Angry owl

"I hope to learn as time goes by that I should trust what's deep inside"

Tattoo by Duke Riley by eastrivertattoo

peony tattoo

birds tattoo

Alice in Wonderland by elsita on Etsy, $7.00

i really like the style of this tatto and also the shade on her face and her body , and how her hair and the crow blend together . Tattooed girl and crow. Traditional tattoo flash by Quyen Dinh.

tree tattoo

amazing-tattoos-13.jpg (620×825)

Peter Aurisch tattoo