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The Best Exercise to Tone Flabby Upper Arms

by Riana Rohmann
There is no singular best exercise for toning the upper arms; rather, it's a combination of strength training to build your muscles, and decreasing body fat through caloric expenditure. The best upper-body exercise that uses most of the muscles in your entire arm is the overhead shoulder press, spec...
  • Tiffany Ross

    Work out those flabby arms

  • erika moul

    You might think you can get rid of your swinging underarm flab or fat by only doing dumbbell arm exercises. However, the American Council on Exercise, or ACE, states that spot reduction is a myth; it is not possible to burn fat from one area of your body by simply performing exercises that target that area. You must also reduce your overall body fat and lose weight. No matter your skill or strength level, performing triceps dumbbell exercises in conjunction with a healthy diet, a reduction in c…

  • Breena Sulz

    What Is the Best Exercise for Getting Rid of Flabby Upper Arms? So happy to see a picture that is a normal person!

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