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DIY: Cat in the Hat Photo Prop - Design Dazzle. #ReadAcrossAmerica #DrSeuss #catinthehat

"I have, Who has" for different careers

Take the photo and then ask youngsters to use it as a writing prompt for explanatory/informative writing.

It's never too early to focus on college and career readiness! This Career Research Report helps elementary students develop basic research/report writing skills and gets them thinking about what kind of career they might want one day. Teachers pay Teachers $3

Cool Careers is a writing page for Career Week. It allows your students to put thought into their future career and write about it....

iCould is a free career development resource for young people. There is nothing else like it and it contains 1000 career stories from people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, in all kinds of roles.

Science Careers for Students, an infographic to lead students to STEM careers even if they think they don't like science!