totally doing it!

30 Day Photo Challenge! Have fun finishing the challenge and then create a Poyomi photo book from the photos!

photo challenge

52 Week Capture Challenge - Come join us!!!


one of my favorite sites. poignant and kinda creepy and beautiful.


So True

LuvMonroe / Home of the Swedish Vixen

photo a day

Photoshop toolbar shortcuts

What is a macro lens? Magnification and minimum focus distance explained (free photography cheat sheet)

31 Days to Learning Photoshop Basics for Bloggers

photography lesson index cards- print and keep in your camera bag for craft photography tips! first 3 of a series.

Jenna's Journey: 10 Photography Tutorials You Need to Read!

February Photo A Day 2014 #FMSphotoaday

Great photography tip on back button focusing for sharper photos