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    The druid is accidentally hit by a menhir thrown by Obelix and loses his mind and memory.

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    I Teach High School #bulletinboard.... should be in every high school/middle school

    If I ever get around to offering French classes for little kids, I want this poster on the wall!

    The SuperHERO Teacher Classroom Organizers specifically for middle and high school teachers! 70 pages of organizational tools!

    Real World Lesson Ideas Modern Connections for Middle School and High School English: TPT Julie Faulkner

    I hated french class, but love this poster. Would be cute if we had kids - what with the Hubbs being French Canadian and all!

    Need non-fiction materials that will thrill and challenge your students? Check out this full-period lesson focusing on Steve Jobs' use of ethos, pathos, and logos. Multimedia fun for middle and high school students.

    These colorful posters will brighten up your classroom and help remind your students of these different techniques. These posters were designed with the Middle / High School classroom in mind.

    Marty McFly has only just got back from the past, when he is once again picked up by Dr. Emmett Brown and sent through time to the future. Marty's job in the future is to pose as his son to prevent him being thrown in prison. Unfortunately, things get worse when the future changes the present.

    $ Celebrate Black History Month in your French class by having your students practice the future tense by making "I have a Dream" posters online with Glogster!

    Ideal year end activity for high school students. Engage them in a review of advanced verbs and tenses by making them a part of the story!

    Mrs. Orman's Classroom: Elementary vs. High School Teachers: Who has the tougher job?

    World Languages/Spanish Class Poster Ser y Estar by ADoseOfDani, $30.00

    Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

    The Guns of Navarone (1961)

    A video-gaming boy, seemingly doomed to stay at his trailer park home all his life, finds himself recruited as a gunner for an alien defense force.

    Psycho II (1983)

    French Posters Les regles de la salle de classe

    1327: after a mysterious death in a Benedictine Abbey, the monks are convinced that the apocalypse is coming. With the Abbey to play host to a council on the Franciscan's Order's belief that the Church should rid itself of wealth, William of Baskerville, a respected Franciscan monk, is asked to assist in determining the cause of the untimely death.

    Douglas Quaid is haunted by a recurring dream about a journey to Mars. He hopes to find out more about this dream and buys a holiday at Rekall Inc. where they sell implanted memories. But something goes wrong with the memory implantation and he remembers being a secret agent fighting against the evil Mars administrator Cohaagen. Now the story really begins and it's a rollercoaster ride until the massive end of the movie.