The druid is accidentally hit by a menhir thrown by Obelix and loses his mind and memory.


I need to make something like this for my French class!

miss french class

Astérix y Obélix - " Ils sont fous, ces romains ! "

Love this! I remember singing this in french class in high school. CLASSIC

I Teach High School #bulletinboard.... should be in every high school/middle school

If I ever get around to offering French classes for little kids, I want this poster on the wall!

Ahhhh French class. We watched the best movies :)

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Looking to celebrate Earth Day in your French class, or doing an Environmental unit in your intermediate or advanced French class? Try out these activities!

Asterix and Obelix puzzle

let's see if high school french covers dr. seuss.

Captain Blood Poster

High School Classroom signs (inspiration from

Disney High School Musical: China (2010)

The SuperHERO Teacher Classroom Organizers specifically for middle and high school teachers! 70 pages of organizational tools!

FREE! Celebrate Father's Day in you French class!

FRENCH classes start soon!

In the first week of a beginning French class, it is crucial to teach the survival expressions students will need to function in an immersion class...

French Hunger Games-themed comparison and superlative questions. My students loved it! Includes some oral communication activities, a yearbook-style class survey, and some writing practice. $2.75