Underwater River Turbine For Free Continuous Power

eolic foldable wind power generator

Mini hydro electric power plant

Discreet Wind Turbines Interesting design. Would have to have metal roof and a good pitch for snow to slide off... and something to keep it warm enough not to freeze...

Dehydrator - uses no power and is safe from bugs

Small "plant" nearly covers the energy use of a single American home. Not much space taken up. ..j

Renewable Energy for the Poor Man: Raintube - gutter debris deflection - made of recycled plastic - awesome for retrofitting

Fan powered by a candle

LifeStraw - Drink All The Dirty Water! Interesting item everyone one should have on at home and in car...

Hand-Cranked Oil Press. Make your own healthy, delicious oils from almost any nut or seed - right in your own kitchen. Freshly pressed oils have unique, complex flavors that bottled oils can't match. This European-style mill makes it easy to press your ow

How to rewire an old washing machine motor to generate free power

How to Build a Cartbike - this definitely has potential when the gas runs out and you are relying on your own power to get around.....

How many solar panels do I need to power my home?

Off the Grid Living - some day - independence would be AMAZING!~

Last year, Off the Grid News put out their first volume of The Big Book of Off the Grid Secrets and it was a wonderful success. As our readers know, Off the Grid News has been leading the way in hard-hitting news, practical help, and time-saving tips for getting "off the grid." Daily articles in their newsletter and on their website run the gamut from gardening to hunting,

Free Shooting Bench Plans | Free Bench Plans. #shooting #bench #range

Home Wind Turbine

water turbine for off the grid electricity. :)

Waterwheel Power Along with Many Other Ideas

DIY Micro Hydro Power

Free Survival EBooks.Great to have some on your phone.