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Inexpensive Solar Power with DIY Solar Panel Kits

DIY solar power

Last year, Off the Grid News put out their first volume of The Big Book of Off the Grid Secrets and it was a wonderful success. As our readers know, Off the Grid News has been leading the way in hard-hitting news, practical help, and time-saving tips for getting "off the grid." Daily articles in their newsletter and on their website run the gamut from gardening to hunting,

100 year old recipe I found on youtube: A pound of beeswax, cut up to speed melting. Then take it off the flame and add 8oz of boiled linseed oil and 8oz of turpentine. Stir continuously. As it becomes a paste scoop in to a sealable container. For use on canvas, leather, wood and metal. Waterproofs and protects.

Off-grid solar-powered air conditioner. Yep, it's possible to power an A/C with photovoltaic panels.

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How To Build A Hydroelectric Generator (FREE PDF Plans!)

If you have a moving water source such as a stream, creek, river or irrigation system, you could be using it to generate electricity for free! Below is an awesome 35 page PDF instruction manual on how to make a low cost hydroelectric generator, in a 5 gallon bucket. I’ll be honest, it is not …

RIFE River Pump -- ingenious electric free way of pumping river water up to 80' elevation gain. Propellor is driven by river flow and an internal water screw pressurizes and pumps the water. All it requires is a place to anchor its cable on shore, and about 1.5' of water depth.

How to make "pico-hydroelectric" power - doesn't require a lot of water and generates enough power for at least one household.

5 Knots You Need to Know How to Tie at All Times - // Bowline // Taut-Line Hitch // Threaded Figure-Eight // Double Fisherman's Knot // Power Cinch Knot