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    Underwater River Turbine For Free Continuous Power

    2y Saved to Green Energy
    • Eco Apuntes

      Así como en el pasado las familias se aseguraban su propia subsistencia sembrando y cosechando, una visión sobre el futuro que se viene propone la cosecha de energía, donde cada cual, en la medida que este habilitado para hacerlo, podrá generar energía gratis a través de varias alternativas. + info:

    • Matthew O'Brien

      We all know that for over a 100 years, Hydroelectric power has been a major source of electricity for many countries. But countries require a lot of investment and huge installations to fulfill the demands of electricity for cities.

    • Chilly Chick

      Compact ROR hydropower generator for use in rivers and streams

    • CabinetWorx

      Compact ROR hydropower generator - River Power

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    Flow of River Hydro -- Using Only Stream Velocity to Drive a Turbine

    Power from the Tap: Water Motors..Few people in the western world realize that they have an extra power source available in their household, workshop or factory: tap water. Just before the arrival of electricity at the end of the nineteenth century, water motors were widely used in Europe and America. These miniature water turbines were connected to the tap and could power any machine that is now driven by electricity.

    1911 .45cal. fired underwater. Note the main pressure bubble just in front of the muzzle then the vortex on the left matching the rifling/bullet spin

    water turbine for off the grid electricity. :)

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    Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Candle Better writeup than many. Looks good due to heatsink used. A Thermoelectric generator powered by a tealight. It started as an experiment of how much power I could get from one candle. But I liked the idea and it worked really well so I built this electric-mechanical ornament. I did not use a high temperature TEG-module, but instead a cheap TEC-module. That can still handle 200 degrees Celsius which is good enough.

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