brick wall decorated with empty paint pails

Paint Heart

Tree Log Bowls - decorative bowls, re-claimed from fallen tree branches & trunks.


Old power station gets new graphics at Melbourne's 'Upper West Side'.

Suspended Bouncy Ball Installation 1

Diy Awesome Desk Lamp | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

Dispatchwork Dispatchwork is a project that was started by artist Jan Vormann that has expanded all around the world. People fill in holes and cracks in walls with Legos. It’s sort of like guerrilla renovation. Below is a great photo from the Dispatchwork project in Tel Aviv.

Could do something like this out of the plastic tubes we just got! installation art made with pipes to make a big separating wall.

Fence Art #art, #fences,

Tin can wall coverings

Shadow Art |

installation art

A perfect way to store art paints


Using pants hangers to hang art - for Thando's art!

Abstract Oil Painting Canvas Wall Art


Round discs covered in painted designs or could use tablecloths to cover them.

love colors

Art that is a bit weird, a bit unusual, and a bit twisted. Makes you wonder if that's what will happen to the mailman if he puts bills in the box. - - - - - Unusual mailbox