Kool Aid ice cubes + Sprite. As they melt, the drink changes flavor! This is soo genius! add a bit of rum and WAAALAH!

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Berry Lemonade We added sweet raspberries and blackberries to traditional lemonade to create this beverage, perfect for summer gatherings. Add muddled fresh mint for an alternate twist.

Sip this once and you will be hooked. lemonade, pineapple juice, and sprite..so pretty...add a bouquet of yellow daises..and wow. Summer.

Mango Lemonade.

chick-fil-a lemonade

The BEST Fresh Strawberry Lemonade- perfect summer drink!

summer drink ideas

A nifty way to serve fancy summer drinks at a party - fix the drinks in canning jars, screw on the top and chill/serve in ice !!! Love It!

Starbucks® Passion Tea Lemonade copy cat

Recipe Whiskey Lemonade

Signature Drink: "Pucker Up Punch"

~ Blueberry Lemonade ~

Healthy Alcoholic drinks so you stay on track with your diet.

Low-Cal Liquors We're Loving for Summer: Flash: Ready for your lightest summer yet? A new wave of low-cal liquors is flooding the market, so now you can relax poolside without sacrificing your umbrella drink -- or your newly whittled waistline. Light beers now have a boozy...

blackberry mint lemonade

frozen lemonade with coconut rum cocktails is a cold and refreshing drink that will be served in the garden for the guests because its going to be a very hot day.

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