Lauren Adams

lauren adams

lauren adams

Claire Desjardins

Gary Komarin.

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oil painting abstract landscape painting pink and green by pamelam

HILDA - Abstraction bleu. Tirage pérenne “Fine Art” TIPEA, sur papier Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350g, série limitée à 40

meredith pardue

Another Crossing Janey Wayte

"frozen lake"

Abstract Modern Landscape Paintings by Lauren Adams

"Feel the Rain" adam hall

3. Abstract is a work that would require a viewer to use context. They would use context to decode this image because it will give understanding as to why, where, and who it was painted by. You would need to context for an abstract work more quickly than realistic work because you breakdown an realistic work much easier without having to figure out its context immediately.

umbrella watercolor

claire desjardins

Francis Towne.

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By Slim Paley

joanna ingarden mouly.