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    Sarah Turnbull-Bowman, daughter of Martha and Daniel Turnbull Rosedown Plantation, LA

    Look at all that hair!

    Carrie McGavock, the Widow of the South, revered in her lifetime for her devotion to the almost 1500 Confederate war dead buried on her Tennessee plantation, Carnton.

    What a handsome family! Proud daddy. Makes me wonder what happened to mom.

    Like Mother, like daughter

    c. 1860's

    Marie Alexandrovna, only daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia. She married Alfred, and became Duchess of Connaught. At first, Victoria was not fond of this daughter-in-law, and Marie returned the favour. And Marie loved rubbing the fact that she was born Imperial in her mother-in-law's face, with her jewels and personal wealth being greater than Victoria's. But Victoria privately admitted that she admired Marie for standing up to her.

    Portrait of Marcia Pascal, a young Cherokee woman, USA, 1880. Source: Glass Negatives of Indians (Collected by the Bureau of American Ethnology)

    books0977: Mother and her four daughters from the Civil War era possibly reading a letter from the front. CDV photograph. The carte de visite (abbreviated CDV) was a type of small photograph which was patented in Paris by photographer André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri in 1854, although first used by Louis Dodero. It was usually made of an albumen print (2.125 in x 3.5 in), which was a thin paper photograph mounted on a thicker paper card (2.5 in x 4 in).

    circa 1860s

    Dead set legend: Mary Edwards Walker (November 26, 1832 - February 21, 1919) was an American feminist, abolitionist, prohibitionist, alleged spy, prisoner of war and surgeon. She is one of only eight civilians, and the only woman ever to receive the Medal of Honor.

    She is still known in history as Joanna the Mad (a.k.a, Joanna la Loca), but if you ask me, the history books have it wrong - Juana was not mad but was definitely betrayed by all the men in her life - her husband, her father, and then her own son. A tragic tale but she fascinates me.

    Rose Greenhow (Confederate spy) & daughter. On July 9, 1861, and July 16, 1861, she delivered intelligence to Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard containing details of McDowell's plans for the First Battle of Bull Run. Confederate President Jefferson Davis credited her efforts with helping to secure the Rebel victory at Bull Run.

    Wash Day, mother and daughter, America, 1870

    Confederate spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow and her daughter, Rose, imprisoned at the Old Capital Prison in 1862

    Louisiana Creole People | Louisiana Creole Family

    Princess Louise, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. She was the only one of Queen Victoria's children to marry a commoner, the Marquess of Lorne, later Duke of Argyle. She was talented in both painting in sculpture and took classes at an art school. Her later life was plagued with marital problems and lasting effects from a head injury sustained during a sleigh accident.

    family 1860's

    Portrait Miniature on Ivory of one of Thomas Jefferson's Daughters - havent found proof

    Mary Custis Lee, daughter of famed Confederate General Robert E. Lee. 1914

    The Gullah trace their heritage directly to the skilled rice farmers of Sierra Leone, West Africa. They were enslaved for these skills and forced to work on rice plantations in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. The swampy conditions made it uncomfortable for the plantation owners so they left the Gullah people mostly unattended. The isolation allowed Gullah dialect, customs and art to survive undiluted for 100 years. One of the hallmark's of Gullah culture is sweet grass basket "sewing."