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The scandalous Comtesse de Castaglione, photographed by Louis Pierson, 1860.Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione, better known as La Castiglione

**Not sure if these are " jewels woven" into her hair as the museum description says. I have a feeling these are beaded dangles off of a headdress worn on the back of her head. If you zoom the image on the MHM site, the dangles look like they are behind her hair, not woven in her hair. Ladies magazines of the time have illustrations of similar headdresses with beaded dangles. Unidentified woman, with jewelry woven into hair.Thomas M. Easterly. Missouri History Museum.

Russia. Maria Romanov, 1910 - ☮k☮ what an amazing image for its time!

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Civil war era cdv photo father & 3 beautiful daughters dresses match detroit mi

What a handsome family! Proud daddy. Makes me wonder what happened to mom.

Fletcher Sutherland and his daughters, c. 1880s. In 1882 the Barnum and Bailey Circus signed a new act, called the Seven Sutherland Sisters. The girls (Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Mary, and Dora) ranged in age from 18 to 36. The climax of the act came when the sisters would turn in unison, letting their voluminous tresses (a collective total of 36½ feet of hair) spill down their backs.. The group made a fortune selling hair growth tonic and related products.

Pre-Civil War Slave in Baltimore. Martha Ann "Patty" Atavis holds Alice Lee Withridge (one of the children in her care).

She is still known in history as Joanna the Mad (a.k.a, Joanna la Loca), but if you ask me, the history books have it wrong - Juana was not mad but was definitely betrayed by all the men in her life - her husband, her father, and then her own son. Born 1479, died 1555. And imprisoned for 47 years.

Mary Anna Jackson, wife of Stonewall Jackson. 1850. It is believed that Stonewall Jackson loved Mary Anna fervently and was totally devoted to her. Mary Anna was General Jackson's second wife. She had two daughters to the General. Anna their first daughter died soon after childbirth. Then later Julia was born just before his death. Julia died in her twenties. Mary Anna lived till 83. She died in 1915.

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Women Spies in the Civil War

Confederate spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow and her daughter, Rose, imprisoned at the Old Capital Prison in 1862