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Upside Down Turkey

Turkey ROasted in the Oven Overnight

How to roast a turkey upside down and overnight @createdbydiane

Upside Down Turkey Recipes are said to make your Holiday Turkey more moist. There are a lot of ways to cook a Turkey. You can Fry or Roast your Turkey and have great success!

Jive Turkey - This turkey will change your life. I'm not even kidding! Brine then bake upside-down!

Upside down roast turkey...It literally fell off of the bone. I used my roaster and no turkey bags. I only used butter, salt, and pepper for flavor.

Turkey Cooking

Loaded Turkey Panini (For Thanksgiving Leftovers)

Turn leftover turkey into a new meal with these savory recipe ideas. Get new dinner ideas here:

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich with a Twist.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds- easy recipe with different flavors!!

turkey chili recipe

25+ Recipes Using Left Over Thanksgiving Turkey #thanksgiving #turkey #leftovers

Overnight 20-22lb Turkey. Made this today for the guys at the Air Force Base who worked Christmas Day. Turned out very moist. Will try again--cooked upside down, flipped back to "right" for the ast 30-45 mins to brown. JUICY breast this way (heehee).

Rustic Turkey Tart ~ Ideas for turkey leftovers - Cooks Illustrated | Crate and Barrel...several great links in this pin.

17 Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes Everyone Makes - buzzfeed. Maybe not everyone, but lots of good tips here!

Santa Fe stuffed peppers!

Alton Brown's Thanksgiving Turkey. I tried this for the first time last year. My dad, who is not at all a fan of turkey and sticks to the ham, was in LOVE with this turkey. Totally recommend it!