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Gingery, lovely soda pop goodness from the late 40s.

Vintage ad targeting "homely women" The book being advertised includes "practical devices for ugly ears, mouths, fingertips, crooked teeth."

pipe appeal? Really, smell like tobacco and the girls will fall for you?

'77 was the last year they made decent porn. Got way too commercial after that.

With the weather turning bad I think perhaps we need this stunning wear for ourselves and canine buddies

A Blast from the Past: 20 Classic and Vintage Brand Advertisements

"Oh honey, you shouldn't have!" Even if they did have it in my favorite color... you really, really shouldn't have.

A leaflet enclosed with the Beans stated that they were also a cure for cirrhosis of the liver, blackheads, and all female complaints, and later they were mainly targeted at women, using glamorous pictures that now appear incongruous with the unattractive product name.

vintage pinup appliance 1954 advertisement by FrenchFrouFrou, $12.95

You can have it all. A shitty low paying secretarial job AND a crappy marriage where you do all the work. THANKS ONE A DAY!