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    Women Wrestlers in Fighting Togs. Just what the Sport Fan wants.

    TheScold’s Bridlewas a medieval device used for humiliating and scolding women accused of adultery, witchcraft, etc. The woman’s tongue would be pressed down by a spiked plate that prevented her from speaking or eating while wearing the headpiece. She would be led down town streets on a chain leash (normally held by her husband) while being humiliated and beaten.

    Is your cigarette a complete BUST?

    Delicate Girls and Women, 1916 blood ad

    Britain’s Jessie Knight tattooing women during World War II.

    Dr. Haines Ad.

    cigarette ad

    Mother's Little Helper: Vintage Drug Ads Aimed at Women

    Even a woman can do it!

    Mmmmmm... kids love laxatives!

    uh huh

    "You are not permitted to share or crawl under stalls."

    A heartwarmingly romantic ad for Whitman's Chocolates, 1944.

    Deodorant ad from the 1920's. "Society simply won't stand for indelicate women". Ah, the good old days of blatant sexism!

    A history of subordinating women... It must have been sheer hell for him....

    Ivory Snow ad

    Lift Weights, Grab Women.~~~~~The End.

    'Glad Tidings for all Men and Women'......but mostly the women!

    Mc Donald's vintage add ~~~ Notice the words (in front of) to describe the meals and drinks.


    A Scrap Book For "Homely Women" only