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  • Sonia Lara

    escribir una carta. Partes. A partir de este gráfico se podría plantear una actividad del TODO Y LAS PARTES para analizar la función que tiene cada parte de una carta.

  • Woodward Spanish

    Las partes de una carta informal o personal.

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Spanish slang

This interactive activity by Sylvain F. (a former JCPS French teacher) will clearly explain proficiency levels to your students. I generally use this during the first week of school and it really sets the tone for the goals of the class. It is all about what you CAN do in the language!

¿Me da o me pone?

Show the film "Valentin" in your Spanish classes! The activity includes 10 fill in the blank comprehension questions in Spanish, and a writing activity that requires students to use the "imperfecto". The questions also come with an answer key.

Palabras que se diferencian por el género

Creative way to create partners in a Spanish classroom. Instead of clock partners they have country partners.

Link to book list of picture books for teaching about South America

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From: "Can I Chew Gum in Class?" A creative way to go over class rules and procedures with students

Ongoing List of Authentic Resources for Teachers of Spanish, Courtesy of Ohio (ODE and OFLA)

Students learn how to use IOPs and DOPs (Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns) in Spanish in basic conversation. In a game modeled after GO FISH, it's fun, entertaining, and keeps them thinking (AND IN THE TL!) #GoFish #IOPs #DOPs #IndirectObjectPronounsSpanish #DirectObjectPronounsSpanish

End of the Year Awards for Spanish Class - middle and high school. By Sol Azúcar

Mis Clases Locas: El Libro de Vida - The Book of Life - guide for Spanish 1

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"Trabalenguas" Tongue twisters to practice Spanish

Authentically Cultural Bellringers (Presenters: Brian Wopat & Jennifer Olivares)

Celebrando Hispanic Heritage Month


Finding Nemo...Primer día de great for Spanish class!!

To Read: Historically-based Latin American novels

articuloseducativ...: 10 Trucos para redactar un resumen. [INFOGRAFÍA]

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