brown eggs + white paint pen. done and done.

Paint natural brown eggs with a white paint pen -

white paint pen easter eggs

Easter Eggs


Watercolor Easter Eggs

These pretty blue eggs were dyed using cabbage leaves. Click through for instructions.

Sharpie Easter Eggs

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Cake stand turned into easter egg stand! Cute display!!

decorated eggs

By using Kool-Aid to dye your Easter eggs, your kitchen will smell fruity instead of like vinegar and your eggs will be brighter.

Easter Egg Dyeing And Decorating Tips ~ I love this idea... Wrap a few rubber bands around an egg before dipping it into the dye. After the egg dries, remove the bands, revealing white stripes. Try placing the rubber bands in different places and using another color for a striped rainbow effect!

Black and white eggs (done with Sharpie) | 40 Creative Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating

No-Dye Easter Eggs. Place glue dots on egg and roll in glitter. AWESOME!!!

marbled easter eggs #coloreveryday

Thumbprint Easter egg decorating ideas: So easy! Just an inkpad and a Sharpie.

Black & White Easter Eggs

Easter decorations