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Explore 23Lbs Lost, 60 10, and more!

WOWZA...10 days on Saba 60!! 10 lbs and A LOT of inches were lost by Roselia...I cannot wait to see where she is in 50 more days!!

Michael lost 23 lbs and 3 1/2 inches in 60 days on the Saba 60 program!

This is Christina and she LOST 28 lbs on Saba 60. She gained confidence, strength and healthy knowledge during the plan and by the smile on her face you can tell she's overjoyed with her results!! Real people with real results...Sabaforlife!! Are you ready??

This is what 12 pounds in 23 days looks like when you follow Saba 60!! Ashley looks and I bet feels AMAZING already!!!!! Saba 60!!!!!!! What can YOU accomplish in 23 days????

This anniversary is too hard to pass up! 2 years for Heather living the Saba Lifestyle!! Show her some love ❤️ or a like if you would. Always reminders like these is why I am #sabaforlife and enjoy helping others so much

Heather is going VIRAL, Woo hooo!! This lovely girl has lost 100 POUNDS with our PROVEN Saba 60 Weight Loss Program!! All the products and meal plans you need for only $120 for the first month, $55 for the 2nd 30 days! Watch this video to learn more!

"Any size can lose with Saba" ~ one of the best statements I've heard lately....thanks Jennifer J. ;) P. S. thanks for sharing your Saba 60 journey on the weekly call. I loved listening!!

One freakin month!!!! How unbelievable does she look right now?! Saba Lifestyle Pro guys! Get up on this!

Check out Randi and all the progress she's made! She looks so flipping good!!! What a difference a year makes when u decide to change your lifestyle. Saba 60 sure does a body good Click if u are ready to start changing your life!!