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Poilsh actress Pola Negri who achieved worldwide fame during the silent and golden age of American and European film for her femme fatale roles.

Pola Negri, silent film star, born as Apolonia Chałupiec. She used to date Rudolph Valentino :) When my great-grandmother would comment on a supposedly beautiful woman, she'd say, "She's no Pola Negri".

Dancing Dress - Authentic 1920s Style Inspiration - Photos

Dancing Dress

For Grandma Claire- she and I both loved the A flapper putting on the ritz. I like the short hair and dropped-waistline fad (for lack of a better word) of this time period. Reminds me of singing in the rain.

Beautiful girl with flower garland.  Note the festoon necklace.  No information.

The stunning Maude Fealy - was a star of the Edwardian stage and silent films. She had a tempestuous love life that included several marriages and a lesbian affair. This beautiful portrait is from a vintage postcard.

Irene Delroy as Stella Mayfair

Irene Delroy (Bloomington, July 1900 - Ithaca, June was an American actress who, in the twenties, took part in numerous musical shows on Broadway. Born in Illinois in Irene Delroy opened on Broadway in 1920 in the musical frivolities of

carolathhabsburg:  Ethyline Clair, Late 1920s

Ethlyne Clair ( Ethlyne Williamson) 23 November 1904 – 27 February Was an American actress. She was a native of Talladega, Alabama. A former New York art student, she appeared mostly in silent film.

Jetta Goudal (1891-1985) - Dutch Born, American Actress. Circa 1915-1920.

American silent film actress Jetta Goudal, Jetta Goudal was a Dutch-born American actress, successful in Hollywood films of the silent film era.

French Postcard from France

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