I Run - I'm slower than internet explorer but i run! If only I actually ran haha

That made me laugh a lot...

Best. Shirt. Ever.

... No, I will show MYSELF I can do it. Never been one for competition or listening to others. My own internal voice is strong enough. Now I will put it's strength to good use!


"You can feel sore tomorrow, or you can feel sorry tomorrow. You choose." #Mondaymotivation #motivationalquotes #inspiration #motivation #quotes

On a Scale of 110... I'm a 26.2 A Line by Pure Zen Active workout clothing running clothes

If this was my motivation, I would be the quickest runner in the world!

Get out and Run!

Motivation from @Anna Tracy. Shes a good egg.

just for you

inspirational words to work out


amen! that's how i feel about marathons

Cookie or mile? If only it was an easy decision.