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  • Kris Evenhouse-Olson

    Five Fingers Snowman Ornament - great Christmas craft for kids gifts to parents.

  • Colleen Tempera

    Pinner says: Five fingers snowman ornament Every year I make a Christmas ornament with my kids for our tree plus one for Grandparents. My daughter made the five snowmen/hand print snowman ornament at school when she was 4 and I have always loved it. So, I decided to make it at home and am pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. I bought the 6 red Christmas balls at Dollar Tree for $0.25!!! I went to the US on a girls weekend away a few weeks ago and I have to say I am officially jealous of all of you who live by a Dollar Tree. So the grand total for this entire project is....drum roll please....25 cents!!! 25 cents to make 2 ornaments (one from my son and one from my daughter) for me, 2 for my mom and 2 for my mother in law!! I could not be happier. Materials: Christmas balls (medium size, solid color of your choice) White craft paint Sharpie markers in a few colors Method: Put craft paint on a paper plate and have your child press their hand into it. Carefully put the ornament in the palm of your child's hand leaving their fingers flat. Have your child slowly close fingers around the ornament. Hold the top of the ornament and have the child open fingers and lift the ornament from hand. Place the ornament on a cup or in an egg carton to dry. Once dry, use sharpie markers to draw accents i.e. arms, eyes, hat, etc. Don't press too hard or the paint will come off. I wrote my child's name and date on the bottom so we know when it was done and by whom. I also wrote 'Merry Christmas' on the back but you can't really see it in the picture. Tie a ribbon around the top and you have a grandparent gift! Enjoy! Stephanie A few additions to this post: If you are doing this with really little hands, use the small ornaments and paint their hand with the paint. This will work far better. If you don't like how the fingers look after you have put them on the ornament, you can easily wash the paint off the ornament and start over (as long as the paint is still wet). This is the joy of working with non-permanent paint :) As someone mentioned in the comments, there is a poem that goes with this. I personally don't use it but here it is for those of you who want the poem: These aren't just five snowmen As anyone can see. I made them with my hand Which is a part of me. Now each year when you trim the tree You'll look back and recall Christmas of 2010 When my hand was just this small!

  • Sari Underwood

    Christmas Kid's Crafts - Finger Snowman Ornament - great idea for gift for grandparents!

  • Tonya Lewandowski

    Christmas Crafts for Kids » Hand print snowmen ornament - so cute and easy! And we all love to remember their little hands!

  • Karin Firminger Hicks

    Hand print Snowman Ornaments. Great gift idea

  • Jessica Keefe

    5 finger snowmen ornament and other great christmas Ideas

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