• Kaylyn

    Research has shown standardized tests aren't accurate representations of knowledge. These tests are a product of production line education. Rethink what you know about learning. No tests. Hands on learning. Student Discussion.

  • Penny Pfalzer

    Round Pegs in Square Holes: The Common Core Standards in American Schools

  • National BATs

    Badass Teachers Association Blog: The Woes of Standardized Testing By: Jacky Boyd

  • Megan Bonner

    So true. More kids need to be in art class. #AdobeEduSweeps

  • Christie Sulaiman

    So thankful for a college that understood this! Happy Birthday TESC.

  • Cecilia Saldivar-Elizondo

    sb random 55 Sunday brunch (60 photos)

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Faith In Humanity Restored


I love this 😂

Faith In Humanity Restored – 24 Pics

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I love you guys.

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Come Find Your Next Friend Here! Bookstore Link: http://www.lovethestacks.com #books .

Come Find Your Next Friend Here! Bookstore Link: http://www.lovethestacks.com #books .

I have actually thought about what I would still have when I have lost everything (which I felt at one point I did) and had found that work and love are always there as coping skills for me, although I have not thought of them in that context. I have never stopped to think about the number of people I have met in my life...but am greatefull and encouraged because thousands are following me here which is completely unexpected for me. :) ☮ ❤

Meaning of life by Roger Ebert