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  • Kaylyn

    Research has shown standardized tests aren't accurate representations of knowledge. These tests are a product of production line education. Rethink what you know about learning. No tests. Hands on learning. Student Discussion.

  • Penny Pfalzer

    Round Pegs in Square Holes: The Common Core Standards in American Schools

  • Jennifer Backhus

    For my poor kids!

  • Stephanie Sutterfield

    Tests are sometimes very hard to incorporate into our lesson plans. It gets tough to have students learn information they need to “memorize”, and make sure they are doing well on their tests. If they don’t do well, they are placed in groups, help back in certain aspects, and other areas of their education will shift. We must understand that all schools around the world have different “important” information to teach, and teachers should be in charge of testing them in a engaging beneficial way.

  • Christie Sulaiman

    So thankful for a college that understood this! Happy Birthday TESC.

  • Cecilia Saldivar-Elizondo

    sb random 55 Sunday brunch (60 photos)

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