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Photos from inside The Munsters real-life replica house that one couple owns!

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Pumpkin House

Fishbowl Black

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Black Tulle

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Fall Dining Room Decor

Madame Leota (fishbowl, black tulle and a print out of her face)This is awesome! Beaux R'eves: The Haunted Dining Room How-To's.

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Coolest Homemade Woody and Buzz Lightyear Couple Costumes 27

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Gizmodofrom Gizmodo

A Haunted House Filled With DIY Tricks From Disney's Haunted Mansion

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A Haunted House Filled With DIY Tricks From Disney's Haunted Mansion - This was also an interesting article about a cool art installation.

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Haunted house entry way

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Oo0Oo00Ooo Spooky

How To Make A Witches Cauldron

How to make a cheap plastic cauldron look real. #Halloween #Holidays #Tutorial

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Gothic Christmas Decorations Little Gothic Horrors: Delightfully Dark Quotes: Emily Dickinson. So true for me.

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Amazingly detailed haunted house wall. For more detailing information visit

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great idea for haunted house

The 36th AVENUEfrom The 36th AVENUE

Halloween Village - DIY Dollar Store Craft

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DIY Halloween village made with dollar store Christmas houses! Black paint and glitter!

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Abandoned Mansions

Victorian house- chosen inspiration with fireplace between staircases

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Turn your house into a monster! Simple and cheap halloween craft decoration idea

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Gothic decor images - Google Search

Connecting to the iTunes Store

The Munsters 1964

Munsters House

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House of Dewberry: DIY Halloween Creepy Candles

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How to make a fake tree. Seems time consuming, but way more simple than I would have ever thought. Maybe one day when I have a big house with a lot of storage.

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20 Halloween Houses That Totally Nailed It

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The Pumpkin house Kenova, West Virginia @ashmckni

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