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I might have to learn to crochet, just to make these for my son. My husband is a huge Trek fan!

Star Trek: TNG Cross Stitch Charts. Face it, Sara Sacson you always wanted to cross-stitch Captain Picard! Who are the rest of these people? You want a scarf with all of them or a shirt with (any) 3? hehehe.... cross stitching is one thing I can do for ya. no worries!

  • Melissa Estes


  • Christy Rivette

    Melissa Estes my new life goal is to make these happen for you lol

  • Melissa Estes

    Christy Rivette YEESSSS!!!!

  • SewJewel

    These are too cute!

  • Mary Bell

    Captain Jean luc Picard, William Riker, Counselor Deanna Troy, Data, Jeordi LaForge, Worf, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Ensign Wesley Crusher

I totally have a crush on Data.

A fashion blog about...Star Trek TNG - very funny

Wow! I think I actually know which episode this is from, who he's about to talk to, and why. Season 1, episode 2 "The Naked Now", Tasha Yar, "It never happened" says she. If that's not the scene, I'm extremely surprised!

You CAN'T tell me Data didn't have emotion. I mean come on. I don't know how Data could deny it all the time.

The only way to get a 6 year old boy excited about crochet .... my Landon would love these!!!!

Star Trek TNG Data Attempts To Be Funny Star Trek Generations