Audrey Kawasaki, 1982 ~ The women on wood #I❤️Art

Audrey Kawasaki, 1982 ~ The women on wood

Nest Hair Oil on wood Venus - Roq La Rue 2006 (jg) © Audrey Kawasaki 2004 - 2013

full pics and close ups of new pieces for the 'Tangled' show @ Outre Gallery , Melbourne and Sydney. My Little Labyrinth Tangled She Entwined Just Between Us Just Like You Stranger It’s So Empty Here To You To Me

Audrey Kawasaki. Ilustración.

Saying Goodbye - Audrey Kawasaki oil and graphite on wood Space Yui in Tokyo 2009

audrey kawazaki painting

Audrey Kawasaki - "She Who Dares" Edition - 2008 Artist: Audrey Kawasaki Year: 2008 Class: Art Print Status: Official Released: Run: 200 Technique: Gicle